Hawks’ Bennett brothers enjoying time together

HARLINGEN — On the football field it’s not hard to spot Brandon and Brady Bennett.

The two brothers both stand 6-foot-3. Brandon plays defensive end for the Harlingen South Hawks while Brady plays tight end.

The 2017 season has been one to remember for the Bennett family as they saw the brothers take the field together for the Hawks.

The brothers grew up playing football, however they were never able to play together on the same team. Brandon is 18 and currently a senior while little brother Brady is 15 and is a sophomore.

“I was always in the older group growing up,” said Brandon. “Growing up we weren’t able to play together until we got to the varsity. I remember hearing that he was getting moved up and I was excited because I always knew my brother could play at the varsity level, and having him here with me has been fun.”

The brothers also play basketball for the Hawks. Last year, Brady, who was a freshman, was on the varsity team and was able to play with Brandon.

On the football field, Brady made his varsity debut against Harlingen High at the beginning of the district season and had his first career start against Brownsville Hanna a few weeks ago.

“I get excited playing under the Friday night lights. It gets me pumped,” Brady said. “It’s exciting to see the crowd and I feed off that energy. The speed at the varsity level is a lot faster and everyone is a lot bigger. I have learned a lot from my brother and every time I make a play, I can hear my brother shouting my name and that motivates to me keep making plays.”

On Friday, the Hawks will host Brownsville Rivera in their final game of the season. It will also mark the final time the Bennett brothers will take to the football field together.

Brandon has provided the Hawks with a solid high school career and has been a sack master this season. Meanwhile, Brady has provided quarterback David Torres with a presence over the middle.

“I’m proud of my brother,” said Brandon. “I always knew he could play at this level. I have goals to keep playing at the college level, and I know one day he will be able to follow my footsteps and play at the next level, too.”

Brady had been waiting for the opportunity to play at the varsity level and when he got the news his big brother was the first person he told.

“My first reaction was to tell my brother because I’ve always wanted to play with him,” he said. “I was excited because I fulfilled my dream of playing with my brother, and being able to show him what I got and to play at his level. It has been fun and we’re ready to take the field.”