HARLINGEN — The last time Daniel Trigg saw his daughter Luna Nina Doran was when she was dropped of at school Monday morning.

Trigg and his wife have been very concerned for their daughter ever since.

Trigg said Luna’s social network channels have not been active. And she left her mobile phone at home.

Trigg said they had celebrated Luna’s birthday on Saturday, went to church on Sunday and everything seemed normal heading into Monday.

But for more than 50 hours, life has not been normal for Trigg or his wife.

Luna, 15, has not made contact with family or friends, according to Trigg.

“We have knocked on every door looking for her at her friends homes,” Trigg said. “Nobody seems to know anything.”

Trigg did say Luna had run away before in September, but she was found the same night.

“There were no indicators that Luna was going to run away,” Trigg said.

However, Harlingen police are treating this matter as runaway investigation.

Harlingen Police Chief Jeffry Adickes said yester-day, his officers were working the case hard.

“They are really trying to find her,” Trigg said about the local police efforts. “Call the police if you see her.”

Trigg said the last time Luna was seen was on school bus surveillance video showing she left Cano Academy and arrived at Harlingen High School between 4:15 and 4:30 p.m.

Trigg said he and his wife are standing by, near the phone waiting for an update from the police or a phone call from Luna.

“We never saw her again after we dropped her off at school Monday morning,” Trigg said. “If you see Luna tell her to call her mom and dad, or call the police.”

Anyone with information about Luna Nina Doran is encouraged to notify the Harlingen Police Department at (956)216-5401 or the Harlingen Area Crime Stoppers at (956)425-TIPS (8477).