Web Masters: Students take the teaching reins as they explore educational programs online

HARLINGEN – “It’s alive! Quizlet, it’s aLIVE!”

Bringing something to life doesn’t require a mad scientist or an explosion of lightning.

All you need is a teenager with a passion for technology and innovation, and soon a mundane lesson becomes an exciting and fun way to fill a classroom with new life.

“Quizlet is what we’re presenting to the teachers and it’s a game for them to play with their students,” said Alejandro Muniz, a senior at Harlingen High School.


One of the useful things about QR Codes in the classroom is that if you are trying to get an entire classroom of 20 people to a website or a video or a location online it’s really easy to just take a photo of the QR Code instead of telling everyone to type in like www.xyz5130.

Alejandro and his classmates in the new web technology class have been giving presentations about Quizlet to HHS teachers.

“They make questions for their students that they think they should study,” said Alejandro, 17. “So for biology it will be terminology or vocabulary about biology. They will play the game on that. And it’s like a fun imbedded alternative to just the traditional studying.”

They’re also teaching faculty members how to use QR Codes, Twitter and other resources.

Linda Salinas launched the class this year.

“I’m teaching my 13 students about technology tools that can be used to enhance teaching and learning,” Salinas said. “I first provide training to my students, then my students develop presentations and teach teachers how to use the technology in their classroom.”

Salinas said students in the web technology have each been assigned a content area for the year such as math, science, and social studies.

“The students then have to develop a presentation on Quizlet Live using specific standards that relate to their assigned content area,” she said.

While these technoterms may seem like pieces of a foreign language, familiar names like Twitter also pop up. Oziel Landaverde has given several presentations on how to use that tool in the classroom.

“What I basically showed the teachers was how to retweet and how to post stuff on Twitter so that students can see it,” said Oziel, also a senior. “A teacher can post a lesson or a homework assignment on Twitter because most teenagers use Twitter already.”

He’s also explained how teachers can use Twitter to “brand” themselves as professionals.

“I spoke about digital leadership through Twitter and creating a profile that other professionals and other campuses can see, other districts can see, other teachers can see what you’re doing in the classroom.”

He said teachers can also use Twitter to post information about various clubs they sponsor. This tells others more about them professionally.

He, like the others, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the web technology class.

“What I have enjoyed is teaching teachers things they don’t already know about technology and marketing and things like that and how they can use it in a different way than the way we use it,” he said.

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