Cold front to knock back high temps

HARLINGEN — Potential record high temperatures today will quickly exit the stage tonight with the arrival of a strong cold front.

The National Weather Service forecast for today says we will see highs ranging into the high 80s to low 90s, and then dropping precipitously overnight with a 20-percent chance of rain.

Those highs may come close to breaking all-time records for the date of 91 in Brownsville in 1906, 91 in McAllen in 1948 and 90 in Harlingen set in 1921.

“Right now we’re looking at possibly a near-record temperatures Saturday, and by the time the front comes through Saturday night into Sunday morning, temperatures will be dropping almost 30 degrees, at least 25 or so,” said Rick Hallman, a NWS meteorologist with the Brownsville office.

“In the course of the next couple of days, we could see lows in the upper 50s,” he added. “So in 48 hours we’re going from near 90 to the upper 50s.”

The cold front tonight will be accompanied by high winds, which will be more intense closer to the gulf.

“Winds will be roughly up to 25, maybe 30, miles an hour and on the coast even higher,” Hallman said. “They could possibly reach a gale on the Island (39 mph), and that would be early Sunday morning.”

Monday’s forecast is for mild temperatures with highs in the lower 70s and lows between 47 and 55 degrees. On Tuesday, they will begin heading upward again to reach 78 to 83 degrees.

But on Wednesday another weak cold front is in store, which will drop the highs to between 72 and 75 degrees with lows from 52 to 61 degrees.

The chance of rain Monday through Wednesday will be 20 percent each day.