Employee Spotlight: Myra Deleon

BY Amanda Sotelo

Myra Deleon, a coordinator for the department of Workforce Training and Continuing Education, has been a part of the Texas State Technical College team for 16 years and it is her devotion, compassion and will to lend a helping hand that has earned her the honor of being named December’s Employee Spotlight.

“Receiving this award was a big surprise for me. I was not expecting it,” she said. “I’m truly honored and thankful. It’s a great feeling to know that the work I do is appreciated and makes a difference. It encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Before becoming a full-time employee at TSTC, Deleon was a student at the college pursuing an associate degree to become an administrative assistant and a work study in the continuing education department.

“I arrived at TSTC and never left,” Deleon said with a laugh. “This college has become my second home and family. I love it here.”

After graduating in 2001, she accepted a job offer at the college as a department secretary for continuing education. She also served as a proctor and manager for the testing center, before returning to her initial department as an administrative assistant, a project manager and most recently a coordinator.

“TSTC has been a journey and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me here,” she said.

The San Benito native said she hopes to continue growing the department. She aims to create more programs to give students and employers more training options.

“My goal is to continue working closely with my team in strengthening our department, making our programs stronger while making a positive impact in students’ lives,” she added.

It is this enthusiasm for her work and TSTC’s students that her colleagues say set her apart.

“Myra has been a faithful team member to the continuing education department for more than a decade,” said one comment printed on her employee spotlight certificate.

Another read, “She is always willing to help her teammates and always looking for ways to not only improve our department’s productivity, but to also build a nurturing environment and bring our team members together.”

Lastly, “She has such a compassionate heart towards our students, fellow co-workers and everyone she interacts with. She is always smiling and making people laugh while still getting her job done. She is an amazing team member.”

Deleon said she works hard for TSTC because it works hard for her.

“As employees, TSTC gives us so many opportunities,” she said. “From supporting our educational goals to giving us room to grow, TSTC is there encouraging us every step of the way.”

In the spring, Deleon is set to attend Wayland University through TSTC’s University Center, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Deleon said she would like to give a big thank you not only to her colleagues for the nomination, but to her husband, who is also a TSTC alumnus and her two daughters for always supporting her.