Students relocated after gas line break

SAN BENITO — The last day before the San Benito school district let out for Thanksgiving break proved to be a busy one for one elementary school.

A broken gas line led to the evacuation of Ed Downs Elementary, yesterday morning.

No students or staff were harmed during the incident and the campus was given the “all clear” later in the day.

According to Lt. Adam Gonzalez of the San Benito Fire Department, the incident occurred sometime in the morning.

Approximately 50 yards away from the campus, a city crew was working.

Gonzalez said the line break was a result of a mishap during work being done by the city crew.

He said the crew was using a backhoe to dig up ground when they struck the gas line.

As a precautionary measure, students and staff were relocated to a nearby school.

Gonzalez said there was a lot of pressure on the line which could have proved harmful.

“It was substantial enough to cause an evacuation,” Gonzalez said.

The gas company arrived on site and then contacted the fire department.

A press release from the district said students and staff were relocated to Dr. Cash Elementary.

The transportation department was quickly dispatched to the school to transport the students and staff.

“Campus leaders and school personnel from both campuses took measures to accommodate the visiting students and provide them with lunch,” the statement said.

A representative from the district said all of the students and staff were safe and the move was done as a precautionary measure.

A notice was posted on the district’s website informing parents and guardian’s of their children’s new location.

Yesterday marked the last day of school before the district was dismissed for Thanksgiving break.

Classes will resume on Nov. 27.