Elementary schools to receive new playgrounds

SAN BENITO — It’s time for recess.

Three elementary schools in the San Benito school district will be receiving new playgrounds soon.

During a regular board meeting this past week, the board of trustees approved a motion for new playgrounds.

Dr. Cash Elementary, La Paloma Elementary and Sullivan Elementary are among the campuses that will be receiving the upgrade.

The total cost of the project will be $155,174.

The new play sets will not be in addition to, but instead will replace the current playgrounds that the schools have.

According to the district representative, the playgrounds have not been upgraded in several years.

Sullivan Elementary Principal Stephanie Ramirez said the need for recess is important and provides many benefits for her students.

Students are given a 30-minute recess each day.

Recess has been added into the students’ day, adding physical activity in addition to their required and regularly scheduled P.E. classes.

“As a school, we decided to incorporate recess into our daily schedules for the benefits that students receive,” Ramirez said.

Regular physical activity allows for social, emotional and physical growth in children.

“Children tend to be more attentive and more productive in the classroom after their recess period,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez said recess helps students build social skills.

Learning how to communicate efficiently, solve problems and cooperate with one another are all among the added benefits of regular play time.

“Students learn many life skills when they interact with their peers during their supervised recess periods,” Ramirez said.

Benefits of recess

• Optimizes cognitive development

• Reduces stress

• Helps develop social skills

• Helps with focus

• Provides physical activity