Stahl, Bagley, Medders take oath of office

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — The standing ovation in City Hall continued as Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino signed Mayor Dennis Stahl into office.

And to make it official with the stroke of his pen, Stahl signed his oath of office papers and took over as mayor of the Island.

“It’s everyone’s Island and it’s truly the way I feel,” Stahl said. “I look forward to being your mayor for the next three years.”

Former Mayor Barry Patel shook Stahl’s hand, and wished him good luck.

As Patel headed toward the exit, Stahl walked back to the council’s table and moved his iPad over to the mayor’s spot, sat down and got on with the meeting Patel had started.

Patel had opened up the regular meeting envelopes to canvas the election results and passed the information to the council members to review the count.

“I want to welcome long-serving City Council member Alita Bagley back,” Patel said. “And I want to congratulate Dennis Stahl for stepping up to the plate for the mayorship of the city of South Padre.”

Ken Medders took over Place One with a victory over Joel Melton. Total votes cast were 266 to 140 respectively for Medders.

Medders took his oath of office with Judge Benny Ochoa.

Medders said Ochoa had sworn him into office 26 years ago during his first stint as an Island councilman.

Bagley was sworn into office by Patel.

Bagley ran unopposed council member Place Four.

“I had thought of not running again, but we are in the midst of some exciting projects and some things in the wings that are extremely important to this community and myself,” Bagley said. “I really wanted to stick it out a little bit longer.”

Bagley said being on the council is a big part of her life.

“I want to work hard and will serve this community that I love,” Bagley said.

Paul Munarriz was selected as Mayor Pro-Tem.