City, DA to commemorate park where brutal 2003 murder occurred

BROWNSVILLE — A small plot of land at East Tyler and East Eighth streets in Brownsville is undergoing a transformation from the scene of the city’s most heinous crime to a park celebrating the memory of three young victims who lost their lives there in 2003.

“This is to memorialize and celebrate the children that were brutally murdered at that scene,” Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz said. “And what better way than by planting trees that represent life and will continue to grow.”

The Tres Angeles Park used to be better known as the Rubio house, where John Allen Rubio and his common-law wife Angela Camacho in 2003 beheaded the woman’s three young children – Julissa Quesada, 3; John Esteban Rubio, 14 months; and Mary Jane Rubio, 2 months.

Last year, the city finally tore down the dilapidated building where the horrific crime took place. Construction of the park is nearly finished, Saenz explained.

“It’s very exciting for us because for many, many years we had to drive by that ugly looking building and it was a constant reminder of what happened there,” Saenz said. “And, you know, even prosecutors, we’re human beings, and it’s painful to do that. So now it will be different to drive by that park and see kids playing and see the trees growing there and remember those children for once in a positive light.”

At 10:30 a.m. Thursday, in cooperation with the City of Brownsville, the District Attorney’s Office will hold a tree planting ceremony at the park.

“Later on that afternoon, we will have the actual lighting ceremony and celebration of life with a tree of hope and that is at 5:30 (p.m.) on Thursday,” Saenz said. “We’re asking the public to attend. Please join us.”