Cold-stunned turtles to be released Wednesday

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Cold stunned Green Atlantic turtles small and large were saved by Sea Turtle Inc. earlier this week after water temperatures dropped in the Laguna Madre recently.

These cold-stunned sea turtles were rescued by Sea Turtle Inc. and taken to its facilities to warm up. The rehab center says the turtles have been rehabilitated, are all active and ready to go back in the water.

According to Sanjuanna Zavala, Sea Turtle Inc. marketing manager said cold water temperatures caused sea turtles to become vulnerable to hypothermia, and many were found floating or washed up ashore suffering from “cold-stun.”

The turtles will be released at the island Wednesday at noon.

Sea Turtle release

Around 60 cold stun turtles have warmed up and are ready to go back home.

DATE: Tomorrow, December 13

TIME: 12 p.m.

LOCATION: Isla Blanca Park, on beach- between the jetties and the South pavilion.