Students receive television production experience

SAN BENITO — Lights, camera … action.

In a dark room filled with computer screens and soundboards, students are busy learning skills that will help their future careers.

KSBG is the San Benito School District’s public access station with monthly and daily programming where the students of SBCISD have an opportunity to receive hands-on experience.

Director of public relations, Celia Longoria said the station consists of a full-time staff as well as student interns who are involved in all aspects of broadcast production.

From filming district events to editing film, the high school seniors play an active role in the district’s station.

“The co-op partnership with the district’s professional KSBG and Public Relations staff has allowed them to advance further with the skills they had previously acquired in the classroom,” Longoria said.

The internship is part of the Career Technical Education Program, in which three students are currently enrolled.

Alicia Medina has taken audio video production classes for the past four years.

For her, the internship is an opportunity to get ahead before studying film in college.

“Hopefully I will learn everything I need to know and I won’t be so lost” Medina said.

All three students are hoping to use the hard skills they have acquired during the internship in their future careers.

“Knowing how to edit my videos can help me create my own art,” David De La Rosa said.

While De La Rosa plans to get into the music field and not video, he said learning how to edit and becoming comfortable with the software has helped.

For students such as April Guerrero, becoming accustomed to the equipment and settings has had a profound impact.

“Spending time in the studio is helping me become comfortable with what could be my future,” Guerrero said.

Filming football games and interviewing people for different productions are just some of the responsibilites the students take on during the internship.

In addition to learning the technical aspect of television production, students are also learning skills in public relations and communication.

“I didn’t think I was going to like interviewing or talking to other people, but I actually ended up liking it and getting more comfortable and getting more out of the stories,” April Guerrero said.

In the final year before college, Medina, Guerrero and De La Rosa are working to make it count.

“I like getting to work hands on,” Medina said.