San Benito may turn to developer to pave city streets

SAN BENITO — City commissioners are expected to reconsider turning to private financing to repair the city’s streets and upgrade parts of its sewer system.

Today, City Commissioner Esteban Rodriguez said he requested McAllen developer Damian Guevara present a proposal to finance about $10 million in street repairs along with a $10 million renovation of several sewer lift stations.

In a meeting, Guevara, with Avery Resource Consultants, is expected to propose a plan in which he would fully finance city project costs.

Under the proposal, the city would put no money down while paying off the debt.

For decades, the city, while struggling with a low tax base, has searched for ways to repair its pot-holed streets.

In an August town hall meeting, residents called poor street conditions the city’s biggest problem.

Meanwhile, city officials are considering borrowing about $10 million to upgrade six sewer lift stations to comply with part of a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality mandate stemming from nine sewage discharges from late 2009 to early 2010.