Keep moving in the right direction

No doubt some of my letters get on the VMS’s Editor’s nerves.

And there is no way I could ever express my gratitude to the Star for allowing me to share my non-conformist opinions with its readers.

To that end, all I can say is, Thank you Ms. Seiser.

And thank you for printing Brent Bozell’s “Robert Mueller’s Valentine writers” commentary.

The American public needs to be made aware that from day one, among those opposed to Donald Trump being President are; Barack Hussein Obama, all Democrats, and individuals in the FBI, the DOJ and in the media.

When I write things like, “The MSM is America’s greatest enemy,” there are likely many Star readers and staff that think I’m off my rocker. But here’s the thing, all media has tremendous influence on people’s perception of the world, as well as their psyche.

Like this AP article from 11/10/2017, “Trump thinks U.S., China could jointly solve the world’s problems: Trump said China ‘must immediately

address the unfair trade practices … But I don’t blame China he said. ‘After all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another for the benefit of its citizens …?

Reacting from afar, Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., said Trump’s comments ‘make the United States look weak and as if we are bowing to China’s whim … Instead of giving China credit for stealing American jobs …’.”

Could someone please remind the AP journalists and Bob Menendez that from day one, Mr. Trump’s pledge has been to put America first and to “Make America Great Again.”

During his speech in Beijing, President Trump stated that it’s been previous administrations that have allowed other nations to take advantage of the U.S.

From 1994 to 2000, NAFTA resulted in an estimated one million manufacturing jobs being lost.

In addition, after Bill Clinton and Congress voted to allow China to be a member of the World Trade Organization in 2000, an estimated five million manufacturing jobs have been lost to China and other countries.

From a USA Today article, “Trade: a rundown on who wins and who loses: The truth is each manufacturing job supports two additional jobs in the economy.”

By that assessment, that’s an estimated 18 million jobs lost in America because

of two extremely bad trade deals approved by Congress and Bill Clinton.

And yes, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that “free-trade” is fantastic for the world’s billionaires and business owners.

Are you a billionaire, a millionaire, or a business owner?

And it’s fantastic that the rich can stay rich to give us jobs, but I have a problem with their greed, selfishness, and their selling out America and working class Americans to pad their pockets even more.

The bottom line is that “Free-trade” has not been free. America, the American economy, working class Americans and taxpayers have paid a hefty price to make the wealthy wealthier.

So don’t be surprised, with opposition from the GOPe, Democrats, the FBI, the DOJ, liberal Hollywood and sports celebrities, and the deceitful media, a pro-America president like DJT will likely always have record low approval ratings.

Then again, the 63 million of us that voted for Trump will vote for him again as long as he “tries” to keep his promises against almost insurmountable opposition.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen