A nation divided cannot stand

Recently actor Tom Hanks said America is more divided than at anytime since the Civil War.

I agree 100% with that statement. But the question is, why?

I have no doubt that the main reason for America being split in two is because of the mainstream print and broadcast medias’ onesided “news.”

Again, the words of former CBS News president Richard Salant, “Our job (the media’s), is to give people not what they want (like the truth), but what we decide they ought to have.”

In my opinion, many journalists are mouthpieces for the billionaire media mogols who are more concerned about their personal interests, rather than the best interests of America and its working class citizens.

Google and read: “Pat Caddell says: Media have become the enemy of the American people,” Accuracy In Media, Sept. 27, 2012.

Mr Caddell is by no means a conservative.

He has worked on presidential campaigns for liberals like George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Gary Hart, and Joe Biden (per Wikipedia).

What Pat Caddell refers to as “The enemy of the American people,” is the only source of news for millions of Americans, who mostly believe everything the MSM broadcasts and prints.

After Hurricane Harvey, just one statement from a local news anchor, unnecessarily caused panic, gridlock, and a gas crisis.

On 12/1/2017, one false statement from ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross caused the Dow to tumble 350 points.

The stock market recovered most of its losses before the end of the day, but investors lost millions of dollars because of “fake news.”

Little was made by the MSM of the ABC News blunder. A little collusion there?

On Nov. 4, 2017 a local station aired a report about the anti-Trump protests in Austin and other major cities across America.

The anchor did not mention that the the Revolutionary Communist Party planned, organized, and funded those protests.

But anything to make a pro-America, anti-globalist President look bad.

Aren’t communists and anarchists enemies of America?

What the media should investigate is who funded the protests? $100k for a full page ad in the NY Times.

Yet the American public relies on the MSM to be truthful and neutral in its reporting.

That’s not only wishful thinking, but rather, it’s delusional and extremely dangerous as well.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen