Habitat for Humanity hosts Restore opening

HARLINGEN — Habitat for Humanity RGV Restore has a new location for now.

The resale shop opened its doors to residents in a temporary location yesterday at 507 N. 1st St.

The Restore operates like a thrift store, or Goodwill, where donated items are sold and proceeds from the store are used to cover operational costs and administration for the organization.

According to Habitat for Humanity RGV president Wayne Lowry, the Restore ensures donations and grants given to the organization go directly into projects such as building homes and providing home modifications for seniors.

Last year, the organization purchased the land where Zarsky’s Lumber, 502 N. 1st Street, used to be to create a new Restore.

The purchase was part of the organization’s plan to make Harlingen the hub of all of Habitat for Humanity’s work in the Valley.

In addition to the Restore, Habitat began work on the Valley’s first Construction Yard, a construction headquarters for the organization’s projects where volunteer trainings would be held.

While construction on that permanent location continues, the Restore’s temporary location will be converted into the new Construction Yard.

Lowry said the construction on the permanent Restore location should be completed in three months.

“We are very excited to reopen here in Harlingen,” Lowry said. “This site is just our temporary site.”

More Information

What is a Re-Store?

Re-Stores are nonprofit resale shops that operate like thrift stores. Items are donated and the money collected pays for the Habitat for Humanity’s operational costs keeping donation and grant money for projects only.

Where is it?

Harlingen Re-Store, 507 N 1st St., Harlingen