Some worry new task force could drain police deptartment of officers

Law enforcement officials firmly stand behind the Willacy County Special Crimes Task Force.

But Lyford Mayor Wally Solis is concerned the unit could drain some of the few officers in his police department.

District Attorney Annette Hinojosa proposed the task force made up of her office’s investigators, the sheriff’s office and the Raymondville and Lyford police departments.

The task force was created to investigate major crimes, Raymondville Police Chief Uvaldo Zamora said.

Sheriff Larry Spence said the task force will offer the county’s law enforcement agencies more detectives to investigate major crimes such as drug operations.

But Solis expressed concern the task force could sap officers from Lyford’s three-member police department.

Last Saturday, the task force launched its first assignment — raids on two Sebastian eight-liner arcades that led authorities to arrest nine employees.