Changes preventing accidents

A few weeks ago some speed bumps were placed in front Dr. Raul Garza Elementary Jr. To my understanding the city Mayor has already been working in many projects including this one.

It feels good to have a strong Mayor in San Benito who is there for everyone.

Not only do parents cross streets in the mornings or afternoons to drop off or pick up their children.

The buses from IDEA academy also pick up and drop off children close by the school.

I truly think these are very helpful to heavy traffic.

I am a parent volunteer who likes to interact with daily activities the school or SBCID has available to us. I also enjoy performing as a vehicle safety patrol attendant.

All this I do unconditionally not only for the safety of my children, but others.

I understand the pros and the cons about the speed bumps, but overall the safety of our children is important.

With the understanding many other changes will be coming along in order to help with diminishing heavy morning traffic.

I am also glad to see many other parents have become more alert.

Reynaldo Ramirez San Benito