SAN BENITO — The Kayak Regatta will be held for a second year, but not on the city’s dime this time.

Last year, the city put its support and resources behind the Rotary Club of San Benito’s first Kayak Regatta race.

But just like the Conjunto Festival, negotiations between the city and the organization for this year’s event fell through, leading the Rotary Club to seek other options.

City representatives and members of the Rotary Club of San Benito, including president Alma Ortiz, met in November about the future of the Kayak Regatta.

According to City Manager Manuel De La Rosa, a proposal was never made for a partnership, it was just an informal meeting in which the Rotary Club presented an agenda.

During the meeting, Ortiz said the city would only agree to partner up once again if the city had control of the event and the Rotary Club reimbursed the city for last year’s expenses.

De La Rosa said the city lost more than $20,000 because of the event last year.

Costs associated with the races included police and fire personnel, the creation of two floating docks, permits and marketing.