Primera rehabs town water tower

PRIMERA — Primera leaders expect the town water tower will be up and running to provide the necessary water pressure for residents and water the city needs in order to grow.

The longtime town water tower had been out of service for many years.

It is being rehabilitated by Maguire Iron.

Workers expect the project to be finished within the month, weather permitting.

The inside and outside of the tower will be sandblasted and repainted.

“The residents will notice the difference in water pressure and it’s going to help the city grow,” Mayor David Kusch said. “The water will continually keep pressure in the water lines and will prevent having to work the pumps.”

City officials said the tower will keep the same color and name of the city will appear on the face of the tank.

Kusch said the city saved money to make the improvement.

The tower was originally installed in the 1980s when the city was awarded a grant and loan from the USDA.

The city of Primera purchases its water from the city of Harlingen because Primera does not have its own water treatment plant.

Quick facts about Primera’s water tower

Rehabilitation cost is $284,300

Holds 300,000 gallons

Will service 2,882 city water accounts

Built in the 1980s with a grant and loan from the USDA