Peanuts for the poor

Actions are louder than words. You just have to be informed about the actions. Connecting the dots is a good starter.

For Example: President Donald J. Trump said he would give middle class American the biggest tax cut in history.

As it turned out, he gave it to the rich and big businesses. The middle class and the poor got peanuts.

Now you are seeing that the Stock Market is going higher.

That’s because the rich and big companies don’t know where to put the extra money. They invest it back to the market and they are just richer. There is no trickledown effect.

Trump said, “America first” he attempted to get American employers and big companies to hire Americans. But what does he do?

He requested and received hundreds of foreign worker visas and got them. The most interesting part of this is that he hired people from European countries.

The ones that look more Anglo-Saxon.


So when people go to his businesses the American people will not be able to tell if they are foreigners and American.

At the same time he pays them less and they will not complain. There is more but you have to research it yourselves. And he is just getting richer.

He said repeatedly, “Hispanics love me” while eating tacos.

Are there any appointed Hispanics in the Trump administration? The answer is no. Where is his love for Hispanics?

So it’s not what they say they will do but what they do. You have to separate what is said against what he does.

You have to learn how to connect the dots.

The only thing I see is that he has gotten richer and added billions to his worth.

Peanuts for the poor, the middle class while he calls himself the “Messiah” and the people through laziness and some brainless believe him.

And last, he knows how the “rock the cradle” of the disenchanted.

This means he tells you what you want to hear then ignores you while looking for ways to benefit him.

Santiago Perez San Benito