But where are the environmentalists?

The environmentalists made a big stink about the U.S. backing out of the Paris Climate Control Agreement.

The Paris accords were established to reduce the earth’s greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon dioxide is blamed for trapping heat and causing global warming. But this is akin to giving cough syrup to a lung cancer victim.

I have never seen a car start itself or a coal fired power plant throw a light switch. Carbon Dioxide emissions are the symptom, not the cause. People are the problem. While we focus on renewables, they leave our Southern border vulnerable to unfettered illegal immigration.

According to Google, the U.S. population will have grown from 296 million in 2005 to 438 million in 2050, a whopping increase, fueled by immigration (legal and illegal) and their families.

That’s millions more cars, air conditioners, TVs and more ecological disaster to our already water starved southwest.

The environmentalists should be standing at the Southern border demanding a stop. So, where are the environmentalists?

Harry Nelson, Harlingen