Bias, ridicule out of control

I have been reading the VMS since I was a Freshman in High School, and I can’t recall any other President of United States ever receiving so much ridicule.

The preponderance of editorials, political cartoons, and letters from readers, have caused me not to be reticent anymore.

MSMBC and CNN have become the mouth of left wing extremist, both news outlets have unhinged themselves, and when not attacking President Trump, they go after his family.

I have no idea why a millionaire would seek a position in where he is constantly criticized.

As a matter of fact, people who are participating

in 401K and 357Bs, ought check their quarterly statements and see how their investments have grown.

And now the VMS has joined the chorus.

So why do I keep reading the VMS, “just to keep up with the bias.”

Frank Garcia, Harlingen