Vela, liberals off base regarding wall

Once again our illustrious U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela, (Little Filemon), oh, he of the filthy mouth, is spouting off about the security wall that needs to be built along our border with Mexico.

I wonder who Little Filemon reports to now that his god, Barack Hussein Obama, has left the stage. It must be Chucky Schumer, the New York senator who hasn’t the foggiest idea about Southern Security.

Doesn’t Little Filemon know that nearly all of the leading Democrats including his god once stated how important the wall would be. If he ever knew, it is more convenient for Little Filemon to be contrary


After all, he has a lot of Mexican cousins and contractor friends who want to keep allowing anyone to pass through our border.

Little Filemon’s crutch now is to state how damaging to the environment a wall would be.

And liberals, if they can’t find any other reason to oppose a good project will come up with race or environment or both as the reason to stop.

Doesn’t he see how off base he is?

We can bend over backward to save the critters who will somehow learn to survive with our help. But he cannot bend over backward to protect our

citizens. Doesn’t he read the newspapers or watch the tube about the vigilant and tireless work of our several agencies to keep the bad guys out?

They all want a wall to assist them by funneling the culprits to an area where they can be apprehended.

If Vela doesn’t want a wall, I suggest he put on an olive-drab suit and join the agents with a bunch of his buddies in patrolling the wall themselves where they do not want the protection of a barrier. It ain’t so easy, Little Filemon.

Oh, by the way, thanks for not letting your filthy mouth and pen get away from you this time.

Duane A. Rasmussen

Laguna Vista