Commentary is flat out hate

This is in reference to Froma Harrop’s commentary on Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 in the VMS.

All her articles published in VMS have been demeaning and hateful about our President, Donald Trump.

There has never in history that I know about been such negative rhetoric spewed about a President.

President Trump has energized the business community like no other leader has in my lifetime.

The stock market gain of 6,000 points, low unemployment, bonus contributions to company personnel, expansion of business investments and less money taken out of most people’s wages.

One day Ms. Froma might wake up see what is really happening in this country with President Donald Trump at the helm.

Her hate, along with Hollywood, the media and talk show hosts is evil and getting worse each day.

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the socialist/progressives. I pray for this country to remain a free Republic with less government control and intervention. God Bless the USA.


Gary Hart, La Feria