Wall should be built to prove Trump wrong

I want to see “the wall” built for one reason and one reason only … it will not curb illegal immigration and I want to see this xenophobic, racist president eat crow.

I want Mr. Trump to design and build it himself so that there will be no one else to blame when the immigration numbers do not change.

I want a lasting impression of the big red-haired buffoon standing atop the wall with his stupid red ball cap and that obnoxious smirk on his face. Let’s build it and let’s put it to the test.

In the meantime, I’m investing heavily in the exportation of twenty-foot ladders and drilling equipment.

Neither walls nor bridges will detour the human spirit … people will immigrate here legally and illegally as long as we provide the incentive of JOBS and the promise of a better tomorrow.

So, bring your hard-hats and bottledwater everybody … we get to see the spoiled little rich kid throw away 20 billion of our dollars and maybe get his bitty little hands dirty, … a real Kodak moment.

Ramiro Ochoa, Santa Rosa