Work done

HARLINGEN — Paid in full.

Three contractors who performed extensive work for the Harlingen school district last year have now received final payment for their efforts.

The Harlingen school board has approved the final payment to Beynon Sport Surfaces, CAHS, and Metro Electric, Inc. based on the recommendation of Oscar Tapia, assistant superintendent for district operations.

“They were already completed but we’ve been holding 5 percent of the money until they completed all the little details,” Tapia said.

Those details included closeout documents such as warranty manuals, manufacturer’s documents and maintenance details, Tapia said, plus any punch list items.

Beynon Sport Surfaces received a final payment of $79,226.49 for major work on the tracks at Coakley, Gutierrez and Vela Middle Schools. That brings the total payment to $1,584,529.

CAHS has been paid the remaining five percent of its fee for roofing and air-conditioning upgrades at Travis and Zavala elementary schools. That final 5 percent is.

“On the roof you want to make sure all the drains are connected and not leaking,” Tapia said. “You want to make sure there aren’t openings where water can penetrate and all the flashing is done correctly.”

The district is also releasing $50,242.02 to Metro Electric Inc. for lighting improvements throughout the district. That brings the total payment to $1,004,840.

“We changed up the old fixtures with LEDs,” he said. “We did those in the summer and we finished up in September or October but we didn’t have all the documents turned in yet.

“We finally got everything in. The LED lighting is brighter and it saves about 12 to 15 percent on the electric bills for those schools on the lighting part.”


Beynon Sport Surfaces: Five percent of payment: $79,226.49

Full payment: $1,584,529

CAHS: Five percent of payment: $77,383.48

Full payment: $1,572,630

Metro Electric Inc.: Five percent of payment: $50,242.02

Full payment: $1,004,840