We all need to get it together

This letter is in reference to Mr. Garcia’s letter of Jan. 16, 2018.

This man elected president and sworn into office last year now calls himself a genius, a stable one at that.

A genius is described as a person who influences others for good or bad and has extraordinary intellectual power especially manifested in creative activity.

I could go on, but does this definition describe our current president?

Mr. Garcia goes on to write or to ask why a millionaire, the president states that he has made billions of dollars.

That is why he is a genius, again Mr. Garcia asks why would he seek a position where he is constantly criticized?

Mr. Trump didn’t think seriously that he was going to be elected. He was surprised at his election as was half the country.

But now it is too late. He is the president of perhaps the most powerful country in the world or as he states, he has a bigger nuclear button than Kim Jung Un, aka Rocket Man.

There is an old saying, pertaining to cooking, but it applies to any job or profession.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Any person who assumes power, be he elected or becomes the owner of a large business, will be criticized somewhat down the line. It goes with the job.

But, let’s get back to the president. He has all these advisors who in a gentle way advise him as to what to do and what to say.

But, in the end, he says what’s on his mind and the heck with the consequences. We were just reminded of that situation in a meeting last week in which Mr. Trump called the African nation and other countries “s… holes.”

Of course he denies saying that or using that type of language.

One particular senator quoted him verbatim. Is this fake news or is it the truth?

I believe in making America great again. It wasn’t great before he became president?

I believe in America first, but other countries want to be first, too, including those “s…hole” countries.

America and President Trump have a lot of issues at hand, including the shutdown.

Let the man concentrate on that. Of course he blamed someone else – the Democrats, the fake news media, etc.

As an adult, the president needs to take some of the blame himself.

We are currently a nation divided. We, as Americans, all of us, need to get our act together as we may be going down a rabbit hole.

Pilar Espinosa, Harlingen