A work in progress

Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion in Roe vs. Wade.

This decision is responsible for taking 58 million lives to date. Legal does not make it right.

Let’s look at undisputable scientific facts.

At the moment of conception every new human being represents a genetically distinct, unrepeatable life.

The human heart begins to beat 20 days in the womb.

Brain waves occur at 40 days gestation.

A developing human being can survive outside the womb at 21 weeks.

Why abortion?

The reason comes down to convenience.

Abortion is seen as a solution for an unwanted pregnancy.

So now it is OK to kill for convenience.

Who will be next, the elderly, disabled, or mentally impaired?

In cases of rape, abortion is seen as the only solution, but now we have two victims. Adoption can be loving solution to a bad situation.

For those that say “no one can tell me what to do with my body,” remember this developing human being is a distinct life.

In a nation where it is illegal to harm eagle eggs, why do we allow for the slaughter of innocent babies?

For those who don’t believe it is a baby until it is born, what do they think is in there?

Rationalize all you want, but that is a developing life, a work in progress. In any decent society, the taking of an innocent life cannot be justified under any circumstances.

Innocent defenseless children need to be protected by law, but until that happens, we need to do this.

We cannot just disagree with abortion and stand in silence.

Write to your government representatives and voice your outrage.

Most important of all speak with our children about the sanctity of life and the need to respect and protect it at all stages of development, producing a culture of life.

After all we are all a work in progress.

Maria Gonzales, Harlingen