Losing history?

You think you can change history by destroying a few edifices?

They are being torn down in the Mid-East too – is there really any difference? And periodically, they try to rewrite our history books.

Someone has really think skin. You can conceal things, but you can’t change a leopard’s spots. Nor, are you ever responsible for your father’s sins.

Now, a newscaster has been fired because his name is Robert Lee. Come on, where does this end?

We have Confederate monuments in this state and I would hope the state passes some stiff penalties for desecrating them not because I am enamored by the Confederacy, but because of their historical value.

And today, it was the remaining of schools because someone is offended. Unbelievable.

Pick up a history book and soon you won’t be able to find the un-Civil War – the war between the states.

Someone has to stop all this foolish “political correctness” before they start passing laws on questioning anything.

It has been said that you either learn from history or you will repeat it. The Alamo will probably be next to be removed as it can be construed as negative.

Bob Kaiser South Padre Island