American greed is to blame, not Trump

The letter, “Peanuts for the poor” (1/14/18) was almost right on time.

However, Mr. Perez does a good job ripping our President for things he’s not responsible for and puts a powerful blame on him and other business owners for doing the right things.

President Trump did indeed make tax cuts for everyone, not just the rich and big businesses.

Everyone’s tax cut is relative to their income. It’s always been that way and it wouldn’t be right to change it.

The business owners pay a lot more money in taxes than we, the working class, do.

Business owners get a relatively bigger tax break because they make more money than the working class, and justifiably so. They started their business with everything they had.

Many even borrowed money to help them get their business started. They put in long days and nights to prefect their business to success.

Once up and running, they hired us to come in and operate the business, and he pays us for that.

They do invest their profits back into their business to become bigger, more productive, and more profitable.

That makes their stock value go up.

We want the stock market to go up, that benefits everyone invested.

We the workers don’t, and shouldn’t, make as much as the business owner. It’s his business, not ours.

He worked to get it started, not us. But we all have to pay taxes on our income.

Like you and your working class neighbor, you don’t pay the same amount of tax that he does.

One of you pay more.

A bad thing?


More income pays more taxes and we all utilize our deductions.

The business owners get bigger and more tax breaks than us because of expenses and losses they incur while operating. These tax breaks equal less tax payment due, more money for the owner.

We the working class get smaller tax breaks because we’re not invested in the business and don’t make as much as the owner, and can’t deduct what the owners can, we just work for him for an income.

Here is where this system fails and Mr. Perez is right on.

The greedy business owners won’t trickle down a portion of their profits they get from their tax deductions, and send it, in the form of higher pay, to the working class, their employees.

Give us a raise when you get a raise.

We make this business as productive as you did successful.

But because the business owners don’t trickle down some of those profits to the working class, doesn’t make President Trump responsible for “peanuts and poor.”

The responsibility falls completely on the business owner.

Yes they’re getting richer and we’re not, but don’t blame Trump.

He gave opportunities for the business owners to trickle down, it just doesn’t happen. It’s the American greed.

That American greed is manifesting, and that greed is trickling down to you, the working class.

Remember that waitress who didn’t get a decent tip from you because you didn’t want to see your profits go down in your wallet, by wasting your money on her?

Don’t blame Trump for that.

Joe Schlechtinger, Hamilton, Ohio