Trump gets what he deserves

This letter is my response to Gary Hart and his complaints about the media mistreating the President of the United States Donald J. Trump. Yes. I agree with him.


Mr. Hart would you agree with me that Mr. Trump mistreats everyone.

He issues out funny and vicious nicknames to anyone that disagrees with him or speaks against him.

This is a billionaire President who has probably never toiled the soil of this country for food on his plate.

Does he really have to act like a low life?

There is no excuse for his behavior.

He started with a gift of millions from his father and robbed the thousands of people of their wages and possessions through his bankruptcies.

He had billions in his bank account but could not resist the theft through legal means.

He shuns the draft while calling people who served or protest “bustards.”

He openly disrespects women and he tells us how he enjoys grabbing women by the “p…y.”

He divorces two women because they got old.

He runs to a foreigner because she is younger and pretty. I am just wondering if the allegation of paying a prostitute $130K to keep silent is true.

He praises the Aryan movement and the antisemantics groups and calls all others “S…holes.”

FYI, his grandfather was deported from the country he was born for failure to serve his country.

He was basically labeled a traitor.

I can write a book as to why Mr. Trump deserves what he gets from all sides. And for your information he is going to get worse.

But I am especially puzzled that you have not caught all the lies he tells every day.

As for the stock market going up and up, the rich are getting richer and have no place else to invest their money.

The suspicion is that a lot of money is coming from outside the country of which our government has no accountability.

I suspect a lot of it is from illegal drug money being laundered through the stock market.

Yes. Mr. Hart, Mr. Trump is being treated badly by the media and others but he deserves it.

I suspect there is a lot more coming. So tighten your belt around yourself and Mr. Trump because it’s going to be a bumpy emotional road.

He gets what he deserves.

Santiago Perez, San Benito