CNN cannot be trusted to tell the news

Well, it seems my wife and I have witnessed an actual representation of Fake News.

We visited Bethlehem and Jerusalem, during our 2017 Christmas vacation, where we walked and drove around the streets of these two cities.

Bethlehem, which is located in the West Bank in Palestine is the topic of this letter.

While in Bethlehem, we witnessed nothing but happiness and celebration where we viewed a parade of marching bands for ages ranging from 4-year-old children to young adults.

The Palestinian top brass were in attendance and there was special security which included police, Israeli soldiers, and special agents dressed in black.

We had a great time speaking with Palestinians while we shopped and walked the streets as well as having lunch and a Christmas buffet dinner at packed local restaurants in Bethlehem.

Upon returning to our hotel, we turned on the television to CNN to check out the news around the world.

But what we saw was plain garbage as someone sold a video to CNN depicting protesters fighting against the police and soldiers.

The video displayed the men in uniforms throwing smoke bombs which were exploding in violent crowds.

We also saw on CNN people stomping on an American flag that had pictures of our President and Vice President.

An interview of a restaurant owner was also telecast where the owner stated that her restaurant was empty due to the violence on the streets of Bethlehem. Her restaurant was indeed shown as being empty.

We knew then that what is being transpired as “fake news” on CNN does indeed exist because we were witnesses to this television report.

The following morning, our driver, while driving around Bethlehem asked us if we had seen CNN the night before.

He showed us the streets where people of all religions and ethnic backgrounds were talking and smiling with each other.

He asked us, “where is the fighting?”

He also went on to say that he was in the Israel Army for three years and knows what an Israel soldier uniform looks like. The uniforms seen on CNN were similar to his country’s military uniform but obviously belonged to another neighboring country, such as possibly Syria.

Our driver did not recognize any of the streets where fighting was supposedly taking place.

The only place he recognized was the restaurant which is owned by non-Christians.

We asked him to take us to the restaurant and he happily obliged.

Yes, the restaurant was empty but it was just after 8 a.m. and the sign of business hours stated they opened at 10:30 a.m. for lunch and closed at 10 p.m.

The video more than likely took place in the morning where there are no customers present.

We returned late in the afternoon and saw this same restaurant packed with customers.

The video of violence was more than likely taken at an earlier time and in another country.

According to several Christians, whom we spoke with, they believed that non-Christians will sell old news to CNN and anyone else willing to buy, without actually checking the sources, just to keep Christians away from the Holy Land during Christmas.

The Palestinian Christians whom we spoke with also stated that there most likely will not be any more CNN reports of fighting on the streets of Bethlehem or Jerusalem for the rest of the year until, that is, Christmas is near.

We were able to walk around without any fear whatsoever while in these cities.

The same cities where CNN loves to report them as being full of danger and mayhem.

Don’t let CNN keep you from enjoying a visit to the Holy Land during your Christmas vacation.


Sonny and Julie Fonseca, San Benito