Dems trying to stop Trump

I want to discuss an issue that may be settled before my letter is published – but here goes.

Congress has the constitutional responsibility to write, reconcile and pass a fiscal budget by September each year. Instead, last September Congress passed a continuing resolution (or CR for short) keeping spending the same as the last budget.

No increases or decreases, with a deadline to get the 2018 budget written, reconciled and passed.

So, all those elected guys and gals in Congress knew the job wasn’t finished and they had only so much time to get it done.

The attempt to pass the 2018 budget has turned the running of the government from a complex high speed super highway into a 2-mph crawl on a two lane back road.

What is blocking the lanes, both directions? Democrats want amnesty for illegal aliens.

Do you think it’s right for Congressional Democrats to make a group of people, the Dreamers, who have been living many years in the country illegally more important than Americans?

Do you think it’s right for Senate Democrats to demand DACA be fixed before the 2018 budget is done?

What I think is the Senate Democrats do not have the same priorities as the millions of Americans living outside the city limits of Washington DC.

Most Americans think passing a budget is more important than Dreamers.

It is right to put the country first because time is up; the CR is expiring and the government needs to have a current budget from which to run the business of the country. But time is not up for DACA – yet.

Congress has until March to work on and resolve what to do about Dreamers.

So why all the arguing and demanding “we deal with Dreamers?”

I know we are a long way from Washington DC folks; but I can see from way down here in South Texas, Democrats will do whatever it takes to stop President Trump and Republicans doing what is good for the country.

And it is sad to use Dreamers as pawns is a bigger political chess game but that is what we see happening before our very eyes.

In my opinion, the Senate Democrats do not care as much about what happens to Dreamers as they care about defeating President Trump and his agenda the American people voted for.

Dina Lake Reilly, Harlingen