Police: Teen organizes game system sale, but robs buyer

HARLINGEN — Police say a teenager was armed with a handgun when he threatened and demanded money from a man who simply wanted to buy a gaming system from him.

According to a police report, Davian Castillo, 17, negotiated the online sale of the gaming system and sale location using a social networking site.

Police said Castillo, a Harlingen resident, took the victim’s money, ran away and fired off a bullet in the direction of his victim.

Castillo was arrested the next day on aggravated robbery after the Harlingen police major crimes unit and detectives began investigating to identify and locate him.

An arrest warrant was issued for Castillo.

His bonds are set at $350,000.

The incident took place on Jan. 27 on the 1100 block of South 3rd Street. Police responded to the victim’s call for help around 5:48 p.m.

Police did not release any further information about the incident.

“People buy and sell things from these apps and online,” said Larry Moore, Harlingen police sergeant. “The best way to deter people from criminal acts when buying online is to meet in the public domain where there are a lot of witnesses, a bright area and cameras.”

Moore recommends using the community safe zone in front of the Harlingen police department headquarters when buying or selling to people who meet on the Internet.

“Use an H-E-B parking lot or Wal-Mart where security is roaming the areas,” Moore said.

He said be safe about meeting buyers and sellers from the online market place and meet them during reasonable hours when people are out and about.

“If the sale or purchase just doesn’t feel right don’t take the chance on it,” Moore said. “It’s probably not worth it.”