Teacher by Nature: Cresencia Treviño

HARLINGEN — With more than 50 years of her life spent in a classroom, Cresencia Trevino said she was born to teach and if you want her to leave you’re going to have to carry her out on a stretcher.

In 1954, Trevino first entered a classroom to fulfill her dream of working with children.

She was considered a helping teacher since she was still working toward her teaching degree.

Being a migrant, it took her nearly 10 years to complete all the work necessary to teach.

A product of the colonias, Trevino grew up between La Feria and Mercedes using the dirt on the ground as a chalkboard to write out problems for her brothers and sisters.

“Ever since I was born I knew I wanted to be a teacher,” Trevino said.

She said the moment she stepped in the classroom she knew she never wanted to leave.

Trevino spent the majority of her career working with the Harlingen school district.

“I’m proud of all my children and they seemed to have accomplished so much,” Trevino said.

She said her students are her point of pride.

She has seen her students grow to become doctors, lawyers and other professionals.

“You have to mold the students,” Trevino said. “They’re like little sponges.”

When it comes to teaching and being a part of a school, Trevino has done it all.

She was an English teacher, a special education instructor, a counselor and for a brief period an assistant principal.

If there were students who needed to learn and subjects that needed to be taught, Trevino was there.

In 2011, Trevino retired but couldn’t bring herself to leave so she stayed as a substitute teacher.

Trevino officially left the classroom in 2014.

The years following Trevino would talk to her children often saying how she missed the classroom.

There was a hole in her heart.

One day Trevino’s daughter happened to run into one of the founders of Grace Christian Academy, an extension of education for families who home school their children.

They were looking for a second grade teacher to teach two days a week.

It was a volunteer position but it meant Trevino would be back in a classroom where she belonged.

“I love it here,” Trevino said. “The children are fantastic. I’m learning a lot from them.”

The 82-year-old said teaching has been an enriching and fulfilling experience that she isn’t looking to leave any time soon.

Cresencia’s Positions

ESL Teacher

Writing, History, Science Teacher

Special Education Instructor


Assistant Principal

Substitute Teacher