Using logic

When I was teaching, I found that one skill that was missing even among the most responsible students was their limited ability to use logic under many circumstances.

Now, I have discovered that characteristic seems to be predominant in many individuals who watch the nightly news. The idea that the Russians through Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton is interesting, but no one has said how that was accomplished.

Voting machines were not collectively connected across the country and their individual results were only known in the community where these were located.

Some said that the Russians used propaganda through Facebook and other electronic media, but voters reading those or having access to them had to be minimal, and the information was extremely limited. Some of it was not even kind to Trump.

he money spent by Hillary Clinton was many times more than any traceable amount spent by the Russians.

That leaves but one conclusion, the Russians are not only technological geniuses but also have mind boggling psychological manipulative skills unknown even by the established experts in the news media, the minds of the public or the precinct election judges.

ut, in spite of this, Hillary had the most popular votes and lost.

How much study went into finding the combination of electoral votes to elect Trump and what means was used to maneuver the minds of the voters in these areas to achieve the desired results?

Sounds like an impossible game of Russian Roulette. (Those running without outside help need to find those astounding skills.) Some say that Trump did not expect to win the election and that it was not even his reason for running.

Why would the Russians be involved in what the candidate viewed as a lost cause or even less desirable not the cause at all? All of that magical maneuvering invested to elect a candidate who did not plan to win seems such a waste of time.

Maybe we should look elsewhere for the motive. Perhaps it was planned to bring those who backed Hillary to the emotional breaking point that brought about the fountain of tears that ensued.

Maybe the Russians were just promoting business for psychologist and psychiatrist … Maybe we should be examining the possibility that psychologist and psychiatrists in the U.S. were in cahoots to have Hillary lose.

It certainly drove many to admit that they have a mental problem. All of this sound crazy? Right.

Sincerely, Norma Christian