Best candidates out there

It’s election time just around the corner and the “politiqueras” are out in full force.

Lots of chicken barbecue and Tejano music in the air. Judges and lawyers, lawyers and judges … all vying for your precious vote.

Let’s see if this batch is better than many from our past who found themselves in handcuffs or jumping off a bridge. Courage, honesty, integrity, experience, just a few magical words you can expect from our fearless leaders.

Very Abraham Lincoln-ish, if there’s such a word.

There are three county public servants that I can say without hesitation that have impressed me and have my vote and full support.

Drum roll please and they are: former County Judge/Secretary of State Carlos Cascos, Sheriff Omar Lucio and Judge Migdalia Lopez.

These folks have proven themselves and deserve to be where God has placed them.

Good luck to all the candidates and maybe someday you too can make my top three list.

Ramiro Ochoa Santa Rosa