Tejano history

Texas History has long forgotten our Tejano heroes who fought and died for Texas Independence in 1836, and that trend continued through 1875.

In 1870, the State of Texas was granting pensions to anyone who fought for Texas Independence from Mexico.

Texans and Tejanos would go before the board, raise their right hand, and take the oath that everything they were saying was the truth.

The Texans were granted their pensions, but unfortunately, the Tejanos never received their just compensation.

This led to 20 Tejanos, including Lt. Col. Juan Seguin and Capt. Antonio Menchaca, on Jan. 12, 1875, to petition the State Comptroller and document their military participation in five major battles for Texas Independence.

At the Battle of Bexar (San Antonio), 160 Tejanos under command of Capt. Juan Seguin fought along side of about 200 Texans with Col. Ben Milum and Col. Ben McCullough, house to house and finally capturing the Alamo from General Cos and his Mexican Army.

Two miles outside of San Antonio, 70 Tejanos with 25 Texans under the command of Col. Jim Bowie defeated 300 Mexican soldiers including cavalry and one cannon, at the Battle of Concepcion.

Fifteen Tejanos entered the Alamo with Capt. Juan Seguin, and eight Tejanos would die along side Davy Crockett, Col. Jim Bowie, and Lt. Col. William Travis.

After the Battle of San Jacinto, Capt Seguin was asked to list the names of the 20 Tejanos who were on the battle field that day on April 21, 1836.

According to the lost Tejano petition, there were Tejanos on cavalry patrols south of San Antonio protecting ranches from Indian raids and Mexican soldier deserters.

Deaf Smith, Chief of Texas scouts, had Tejanos scouting in his company, as well as there were Tejanos serving as guards and escorts for the Texas families fleeing eastward from General Santa Ana’s army.

Horses and luggage had to be taken care of and protected, as well as several Tejanos who were sick at San Felipe.

On March 10, Saturday, at the 11th Texas Independence Day Celebration on the San Benito Fair Grounds, the courage and bravery of our Texas heroes and Tejano heroes will be honored and remembered at the re-enactments of the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto.

And just before the Battle of San Jacinto, the battle field narrator will announce the correct actual number of Tejanos who fought for Texas Independence in the Texas Army with Gen. Sam Houston against Gen. Santa Ana.

Viva Tejas y vivan los Tejanos.

Jack Ayoub, Harlingen