Vince Young visits local youths to tell his story, promote education

HARLINGEN — It was a quiet arrival at Valley International Airport for Vince Young.

The former star Texas quarterback who played in the NFL moved quickly with focus just as he did in the Longhorn’s 2006 national championship game.

This time it was through the airport as he found his guide for the day, Texas Rep. Oscar Longoria.

When he arrived in Edcouch, everything was different.

Young was greeted with a large burnt orange “I love Vince Young” sign and a mariachi band serenaded him with a song.

Young was made an official honorary Yellow Jacket by the principal as the students cheered after he gave his talk.

Young was in the Valley yesterday to meet with students to stress the importance of a good education, life’s challenges, and to share his story how sports opened an abundance of educational opportunities for him.

He told the students in Edcouch-Elsa to enjoy life and take care of their responsibilities.

“I think it’s very motivating for the children to hear Vince talk, not because he’s a national champion football player from the University of Texas, or NFL quarterback, but because he went back to school and graduated, and that is super important,” Longoria said.

Young touch downed in Harlingen and quickly hopped into Longoria’s truck yesterday to travel across the Valley to meet with La Joya ISD students at 1 p.m. and then the two made a run to Edcouch-Elsa high school before the end of the school day.

Longoria said Young has been talking to the youths in Texas for the university and Longoria thought it was a good idea to invite Young to come to South Texas.

Young told students yesterday the process of working hard and being great is enjoying life.

He said to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way and believe in themselves.

“Go to the movies with your friends, but be a leader,” Young said to the full auditorium at Edcouch-Elsa ISD. “I have fun.”

And who better than the former college champion quarterback to give a pep talk about attending the University of Texas, believing in yourself and making opportunities that arise count.

After all it was Young who took a last opportunity on fourth down in the 2006 National Championship and bolted for the game winning score to lead the Longhorns to victory.

“We would love for them to attend the University of Texas and to continue to keep working hard in school,” Young said.