App missing category

Harlingen’s new city app sounds great.

We’re all looking for the fastest, best way to communicate. But it appears the app is missing a key category — compliments.

I’d like to compliment our city workers.

Day and night, weekdays, holidays, weekends, in blazing heat or windy and cold, our city workers are there — trimming trees, painting curbs, pouring sidewalks, raking brush, repairing roads, picking up trash, fixing broken water pipes, well, you know it — you’ve seen them, too.

And don’t forget the ones assisting with building rentals: among a multitude of chores, they lug tables and chairs to desired places, and then clean up messes from rowdy crowds when we are all sleeping.

Every day, as I drive around our city, I admire the beautiful fruits of our workers’ labors.

And every day, I silently thank the legion of labor that takes such good care of Harlingen.

So, please, add another category on the app. Give me a way to thank our everyday heroes, the work force of the city of Harlingen.

Lois Day, Harlingen