Lent with love

This Lent season and Easter are very special. Lent starts on Valentine’s Day, and Easter Falls on April Fools Day.

This Lent season is especially for couples. This Lent season is about the special bond between a man and a woman.

Men, this Lent is the time for you to step up to the plate and be a man. Each day of Lent do one special thing for your wife.

Some suggestions for this Lent. Men, give your special person an added hug or kiss or even an added, “I love you.” Or pick up a dollar item at the store on your way home from work. Take your wife to a movie or a walk in the park. Anything works, as long as, it is a gift to the special woman in your llife.

This Lent is not about spending big bucks on your wife. This Lent is not about heroic actions such as a $50 meal or mega bucks at a movie or time in a hotel room on the Island.

No, this Lent is about making your wife feel special for 40 days. This is the best time to let your wife know how much you love her, and how lucky you are for having her in your life.

Then, Easter Day/April Fools Day, be your true selve and play and April Fools joke on her.

Sandy Fredrichs Harlingen