No time for a parade

Our “bully in chief” wants a military parade which will cost taxpayers millions of dollars. How quickly he forgets his campaign promise of reducing “Obama’s” 15 trillion dollar deficit.

Instead he will be adding trillions to our debt by giving more tax breaks to the rich and corporations.

Of course he says growth and a stronger economy will pay for it and reduce the deficit.

Bottom line, just like Hillary Clinton, he’s in bed with Wall Street and big business.

How about keeping his campaign promise and helping our veterans not have to go through hell to get their well-deserved benefits?

Does this fool think veterans who have seen the ugliness of war want to see us “strutting our stuff” with missiles in tow down 34th street?

Does he think WWII vets want to glorify the terrible tools of destruction that were used against our enemies in Japan?

I’ve seen grown men weep at the sight of our Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. Military parades are for dictators.

This draft-dodging coward that occupies the Presidency is a cheap reality show movie star and nothing else.

War is a necessary evil, not a Hollywood production, Mr. President.

Our men who fought so bravely want peace and not reminders of the worst possible solution and human behavior … war.

Ramiro Ochoa, Santa Rosa