Hispanics don’t vote as a group

I would like to express a sincere gratitude, to Mr. Luis Gonzalez, Rosie Olivarez and Retired Sgt. Guillermo Barrientes, for expressing their views, on the matter of illegal immigration.

It’s not a matter of disliking anyone, or thinking we are better than others; its a matter of doing things the correct way.

Walking around displaying a Moxie attitude, holding signs that read, Dreaming is not illegal.

Well, I’ll, concede that point, what is against immigration laws, is being in the U.S. without proper authorization.

Playing with semantics to suit your desires won’t change that.

The thought that it is the responsibility of hard working U.S. taxpayers to take care of the world’s population, is simply ridiculous.

My message to all these groups and elected enablers, “stop thinking that Hispanics vote as a monolithic group, because, we will not vote to support this type of illegal activity,” as you will see in the primaries.

Frank Garcia, Harlingen