Who is N. Rodriguez?

N. Rodriguez expects us to gabble the information he gives us about our great President (Chucky) Trump. He says that under President Chucky thousands and thousands of people have received great monetary bonuses.

He conveniently leaves out the thousands and thousands of jobs that were cut for one reason or another during the same period.

I am not making these things up. All this information is printed in the newspapers, aired on TV, and thru the internet.

For example. The Walton family announced that all their Wal-Mart employees would begin to earn $11 per hour across the United States.

The next day the Walton family closed 62 stores across the United States without a single day’s warning.

Eleven thousand employees had no jobs to go to. It happened all of a sudden. That was their bonus in life. Yet N. Rodriguez could not fathom the implications of such an event. They only informed us about the “goody things” A few days later I went to a local Wal-Mart and congratulated a friend about the pay raised. My friend scuffed at me.

Then he went on to tell me the raise only applied to certain full time employees. The raises were not across the board. They were across the board (if) they met a certain criteria.

That’s part was left out by the people who wanted to boast about the little raise.

They don’t lie. What they do is not give you all the information. They say enough of a statement and cut out the part that negates the true complete story.

Yes. Thousands of people got bonuses but millions and millions got nothing. Thousands and thousands got a pink slip!!!!!

My wish is that N. Rodriguez read both sides of the issues before going to the typewriter. All the information before he or she paints an abstract picture.

And that’s another thing. I have always been curious if N. Rodriguez is a male and female. Is N Rodriguez a young person, middle age, or old person?

Is N. well informed person?

Is N. hiding his or her identity?

Is N. Rodriguez a real person or a pen name?

And here is more. In 2016 and 2017 Chucky requested and received 144 foreign

visas called h2bs. These are the low skilled workers from other countries.

Only one job went to a U.S. citizen. Where is Americans first?

This is not counting the foreign visas before 2016. Those go into the thousands.

Chucky is against chain migration because (he says) many of the immigrants offer little to this country.

However he has already brought over his in-laws. They are from a different country.

These are his wife’s parents. Does anybody know what they have to offer this country? I can only guess chain migration does not apply to him.

Chucky is considering placing a 25-cent tax to each gallon of gas.

Previously I said the big tax cuts were for the wealthy?

I said the poor got peanuts. Well. When the poor drive to work in their gas-mobiles the peanuts will now be gone.

The rich get to keep most of their tax break.

Santiago Perez, San Benito