Weapons of mass destruction

Back when the Constitution was written, when we as Americans were granted the “Right to Bear Arms” by the Second Amendment, there were no automatic weapons such as the AK47s, AR15s, Uzis or any of the automatic guns we have today, for that matter.

During that time, the “Right to Bear Arms” was granted to the Colonists so they could defend themselves against any possible invasion by a foreign country. All they had were single shot rifles and muskets.

It saddens me every time I hear a news report about some lunatic shooting up a school, church, theater or any large gathering of innocent people. It also irks me about how the NRA and its members hide behind the Second Amendment, which enables them to have these kinds of automatic weapons.

What are next, bazooka launchers?

How do they intend to use these weapons? Are these weapons for hunting – for shooting down herds of deer, bears or buffalo … I don’t think so.

These automatic weapons are for “mass killings” of innocent people. The NRA says that guns themselves don’t kill people – that careless or mentally ill people are to blame for killing innocent people.

Every time someone brings up or even suggests getting rid of all these automatic guns, the NRA steps up and states that if that happens, “only outlaws” would have access to these guns and there would still be mass killings of innocent people.

In my opinion, these automatic “weapons of mass destruction” should be available only to the military and not the general public. Politicians always talk about stricter gun control laws and stiffer requirements to purchase these guns, but by the time anything gets passed through Congress, it is a watered down bill that does not amount to much.

They also say that any mentally unstable person should not be allowed to purchase these guns. What if this person was OK at the time he or she purchased a gun or guns and then something happens along the line in his or her life that triggers his or her mind to go haywire?

In my opinion (and I feel very strongly about this) these weapons should not be available to the general public. Their only use is to kill large groups of innocent people. They should be taken off the streets.

Several states, Texas included, have passed “Open carry” laws and also laws that allow college students and professors to carry guns on campus. Are we going back to the days of the Wild West? What is this world coming to?

The NRA and gun manufacturers have a very strong and powerful lobby in Washington and contribute very heavily to many politicians’ campaigns. For that reason, most politicians are afraid to speak out against the NRA.

Well, I think the time has come to say “enough is enough.” Enough of the rhetoric or BS if you will. How many more lives will be lost before we do something. Let’s boot the NRA politicians out of Washington.

I saw a bumper sticker on a truck the other day. It read, “Here’s my gun, come and take it.”

Is this what our beautiful country has become? The United States is the greatest country in the world – let’s keep it that way. In spite of all the flaws, it is still the best place to live.

God Bless America.

In closing, my heart goes out to all the families that have lost a loved one in one of those mass killings. May you find peace.

Sincerely, Tony Rodriguez

San Benito