Dems the ones holding Valley back

Our esteemed U.S. Rep. Fiemon Vela, carrying the proud nickname of Little Filemon because his mother should be washing his mouth out with soap from time to time, is at it again.

He’s trying to convince Valley folks that he is tough on illegals when he is just blowing smoke.

He sounds like he is jumping on President Trump’s wagon when he claims to introduce legislation to increase the number of Customs and Border Protection agents and agriculture specialists in order to process crossings more quickly.

Is he trying to look like a savior for the valley trade efforts?

If the act receives any consideration, it will be only if it follows the Republican list of priorities.

Little Filemon cannot point to any legislation that has materially increased jobs, payrolls or health benefits to those living in the Valley or his district.

That is the problem with the Democratic control of the Valley.

For all of their control and power over the past many decades, the Democrats have only sought to hold the Valley back in all of the essentials that make a family, a community and a region healthy.

By encouraging the use of illegals, they have held wages down and taken jobs away from citizens.

This has also been of benefit to growers who capitalize on the poor wages they offer.

Is that good for business?

Not really.

Good American businesses discovered years ago that if folks are paid well, have their health and retirement plans covered, they will be able to buy more product and help the total economy grow.

But that doesn’t fit the Democratic Socialist plan. The Democratic Party thrives on the backs of the poorly paid who must look to government, perhaps forever, for assistance.

They thus lose all hope of improvement and are under the yoke of socialism.

Of coursed, Little Filemon must continue to be one of Schumer’s Shills who lead the Democrats down the socialist path by destroying the American spirit in any way they can.

Valley conservatives need to abandon the Republican Party, if necessary, to place support behind someone who can break up our downward trend to socialist oblivion.

And, by the way, we can tell that President Trump must be effective because Little Filemon and his tribe display so much fear of him.

Build as much wall as possible, increase virtual and personal security, and keep the illegals on the other side of the border if the Mexican government won’t.

Duane Rasmussen

Laguna Vista