First female tackle football game in town

LA FERIA — These ladies are not cheering on the sidelines; they want to leave that up to you.

The Texas Lady Spartans football team will be on the gridiron today running plays and scoring touchdowns at their first home tackle football game of the season.

“We are super psyched,” said Kathryn Meyer, Texas Lady Spartans team captain. “I don’t know what to say.”

The team was given approval to use the city field at a recent city meeting.

“We are very happy to have the city supporting us,” Kathryn said. “And we are very happy to be playing in the city of La feria.”

Kickoff today is set for 3 p.m. at the Veterans Sports Complex located in La Feria.

“This is something exciting for our town,” said La Feria Mayor Olga Maldonado.

“This is very exciting, because I love football.”

The Texas Lady Spartans is a team of women from around the Valley who will be playing full contact football in La Feria and throughout South Texas.

Maldonado and the City Commission agreed recently to allow the team to play their home games at the Veterans Sports Complex.

The team will play five home games and sell game entrance tickets.

“The rest of our games are played as far as Laredo and Corpus Christi,” Kathryn said. “Those teams will also play here.”

The season officially began in February. The Lady Spartans play eight-on-eight on a 50-yard field. The games are officiated by referees.

The games are played full contact for adults 17 years old and older.

The Texas Lady Spartans team expects to draw plenty of spectators to their games to contribute to the city economy.

Kaythryn said the team is gong to paint the lines and have everything set for today.

“I would like to see a game,” Maldonado said.

Lady Spartans football game vs. Wonder Women

WHAT: Women’s tackle football

WHEN: Today, 3 p.m.

WHERE: La Feria Veterans Memorial Sports Complex at 904 Pancho Maples Dr.

COST: $7 at the gate, children under 6 are free