Raymondville lowers EDC job requirement

RAYMONDVILLE — The city’s Economic Development Corporation is scrapping the position of executive director.

Instead, the city is creating the position of EDC coordinator, City Manager Eleazar Garcia said yesterday.

This past week, city commissioners agreed to change the position in an effort to draw more candidates for the top EDC job.

In December, the city’s advertisement for an EDC director drew only four applicants, Mayor Gilbert Gonzales said last month.

Of those four, he said, only one was qualified for the job.

Gonzales said he wanted to select candidates from a larger pool of applicants.

Now, the city will re-advertise for its top economic development job, this time in search of an EDC coordinator.

Garcia said the EDC director’s job required a four-year business degree.

However, the new position of EDC coordinator will require a two-year associate’s degree, he said.

“It’s going to open up the doors a little more,” Garcia said, referring to drawing more candidates.

He said he is working on the new position’s requirements.

For more than six months, the city searched for a director to run its EDC.

Since then, Gonzales has overseen the department.

Last June, Lina Castillo, who had taken the EDC director’s job in December 2016, was making a salary of $40,000 with benefits when she suddenly resigned.

In October 2016, Catalina Ozuna, who had served as EDC director for about six years, resigned.

The job’s qualifications had included a bachelor’s degree in business and experience in economic development or a “related field.” Meanwhile, the position’s salary was described as “negotiable.”

“This employee will be expected to perform administrative work in directing and coordinating economic development activities within the city of Raymondville,” the advertisement stated.

While the director answered to the EDC’s board, the coordinator will answer to the city manager, Garcia said.

Job requirements include:

– EDC director — four-year business degree

– EDC coordinator — two-year associate’s degree