Sessions to teach residents to grow fresh foods

SAN BENITO — From trail to table.

The community garden located on the Heavin Resaca Trail will soon be seeing more life.

Community members wanting to learn how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables will be able to attend a six-week session hosted by the AgriLife Extension Office in collaboration with Tu Salud Si Cuenta.

“We try to motivate the community to be more healthy,” Letty Gomez from Tu Salud Si Cuenta said.

For four years, the community garden has provided residents with opportunities to grow their own food and learn about agriculture and health.

Community gardens have become popular in communities known as food deserts or urban areas where it is difficult to purchase affordable, good-quality food.

According to Texas A&M AgriLife research, 10 percent of food deserts in Texas are located in the Valley.

“We invite different families to attend and take part in the community garden,” Gomez said.

Sessions are free and offer families the opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables in the community raised garden beds.

Danny Cuevas teaches the gardening course and said the community meets once a week for six weeks.

Once the course is completed, participants receive a certificate and an insulated food bag.

“We teach healthy living and the understanding of where their food comes from,” Cuevas said.

Cuevas said he offers the families a variety of seeds to grow depending on the season, but families are welcome to provide their own seeds.

Cuevas also teaches lessons on container gardens for those who live in apartments and have little-to-no access to land outside of the community garden.

He said the community garden creates a movement toward healthier living and provides a social outlet.

“It creates a nice social structure because you get to know who your neighbors are,” Cuevas said.

Residents who finish the course and wish to continue with their small garden are welcome to continue the sessions.

Interested in taking part in

the community garden?

Call Letty Gomez at (956) 357- 4564

Deadline to sign up is Tuesday, March 6