Don’t trust Trump

The more Donald Trump rants about the Russian investigation the more I begin to think he is guilty about something.

He just does not behave like an innocent man. An innocent man would say something like “Bring it on.” “I will get apologies and resignations when

this is over.”

Instead he is trying to block any and all investigations on the matter. He attacks individuals and American justice institutions alike.

He acts like he fears something will be found.

I truly considered Donald J. Trump when he first started his running for president.

When I looked into his history I saw a crook worse than any politician before him. I saw an Adolf and I said it many times in my letters to the editor.

I have to guess that his fear is losing all that money he has invested in Russia.

Maybe there is no collusion but he is being “buddybuddy” with the Russians to the point he is willing to destroy our democracy and our justice institutions.

“Greens before Beans” he could be the ultimate traitor. Only time will tell. I too will apologize if I am wrong.

Santiago Perez, San Benito